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The Restaurant Review, so now for a real take on food around town, I have yet to find a good review on restaurants so I'll take it on myself to begin one here:

The scales

Overall: 0 thru 5 Price $ thru $$$$
0 Bad (Don’t go)       $ 1 – 10 per plate
1 It was edible     $$ 11 – 25 per plate
2 Not what it should be   $$$ 26 – 45 per plate
3 Good $$$$ 46 + per plate
4 Great (Should go)  
5 Excellent (Have to go)  

Now per plate is a real plate a normal person would have, to get full.  Not just the entrée.



555 East American Steakhouse

555 Ocean Blvd

Long Beach, Ca 90802


A great place for dinner.  Located near downtown Long Beach.  An elegant restaurant with excellent selection of excellent cuts of meat, that are very tender.  I would highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Dinner Price: $$$


94th Aero Squadron

8885 Balboa Ave.

San Diego, Ca 92123


A great place for lunch and dinner.  Located it an odd place right in the middle of many industrial parks, but offers a great view of the airport, were at night you have a great view of plane lights, a very interesting and peaceful view.  They offer a lunch time all you can eat buffet that it fantastic.  The best quality food, and you can go back for more, as we as prime rib and a great dessert selection.  For dinner it a fantastic mean as well, they also have a reception area that could be used for special functions. I would highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Lunch Price: $    Dinner Price: $$$




1250 Prospect St.

La Jolla, Ca 92037


A wonderful view of the ocean, Azul sits atop the hill side in La Jolla with a view of the La Jolla coast.  The almond tempura soft-shell crab & avocado napoleon was very good as well as the Azul signature lobster “pot pie”.  For the main course the grilled peppercorn angus tenderloin of beef was very good.  The atmosphere is nice with a great view, a definite try if you're in the area.

Overall: 4        Dinner Price: $$$



Cafe Japengo

8960 University Center Lane

San Diego, CA 92122


This is the best sushi in San Diego! Good atmosphere great food.  If you love sushi and are in San Diego this is the place to go.  The lobster tempura is a must! Great presentation as well a flavor. I would highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$$


Captain Jack’s

16812 PCH

Sunset Beach, CA 90742


This was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time.  We ordered the King Crab which they are famous for, and the Prim Rib which is also a house specialty.  There was plenty of food and the service was great.  The atmosphere is an upbeat rowdy group this is not a nice quiet candle light dinner.  I would highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$


Clearman's Steak 'n Stein

9545 Whittier Bl.

Pico Rivera, CA 90660


I have going to this place for many years.  The fillet and lobster is the greatest.  The taste of the fillet is absolutely amazing.  They have their famous cheese bread, that you can never have enough of.  Though over the years the atmosphere has deteriorated, it is still a great restaurant, yet now a very relaxed and casual flare, it still reminiscent of a great steak house.  I would highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$




D.Z. Akin's

6930 Alvarado Rd.

San Diego, CA  92120


A great Jewish Deli has a full menu of everything you could imagine.  I had a pastrami, turkey, roast beef sandwich.  It was great and huge portions.  They also have a Bakery, I tried the Napoleon, it was the best Napoleon I've ever had.  I highly recommend it

Overall: 5         Price: $


Delmonico Steakhouse

at the Venetian

3355 Las Vegas Bl.

Las Vegas, NV 89109


For those of you that don't know Delmonico's is Emerils restaurant.  Now taking that into consideration, I was expecting a great meal and great service.  I had the filet, which was presented fantastically, but unfortunately not very good in texture, and ok in seasoning.  Service was excellent.  Now maybe they just don't have great steaks but then why would you have Steakhouse in your name.

Overall: 2         Price: $$$


Din Tai Fung

1108 S. Baldwin Ave.

Arcadia, CA 91007


Now some people know I don't really like dumplings, these are more like what we know as pot stickers, not an American dumpling.  But this place has the best fresh dumplings I've ever had.  You order before they seat you and they make the dumplings fresh.  When you walk in you can see them hand making each dumpling.  This is a must try.

Overall: 5         Price: $$


Donavans Steak & Chop House

4340 La Jolla Village Dr.

La Jolla, CA 92122


Now this place was #2 for best steak house in the US, so I was having some high expectations.  Well the verdict: just about everything was fantastic.  The only flaw was the bus boy needs to learn some manners!  We went for a Valentines day dinner, since it was Valentines day they had a fixed menu.  There was a choice of appetizer, main coarse of filet and lobster, and a choice of desert for a modest price!  I had leg of lamb for the appetizer that was just out standing, so tender and flavorful.  The main coarse came and the filet was great, the lobster was tender, and to boost the mashed potatoes were warm!  For desert I had the cream brulee, very good.  Since it was a holiday weekend the place was crowded and we were stuffed in a bit close, but the atmosphere was still great except for the bus boy that hit us and didn't even say sorry.  Other than that a perfect experience, I will be returning here for certain.  A must go, especial for a special occasion, or if you just shit money, I could go here a few times a week.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$$



Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and wine bar

380 K St. at 4th Ave.

San Diego, CA 92101


Might possibly be the best steakhouse in San Diego.  The fillet and lobster is fantastic, flavorful and tender.  Great atmosphere, even thought, the day I went, they allowed some fool in wearing a basketball jersey in, other than that, high class dinning.  I would highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$$



Johnny Rebs'

4663 Long Beach Bl.

Long Beach, CA 90805


Good family atmosphere, Good food, Good time.  Good ribs, nice casual atmosphere.  Nice cozy little place, with an energetic crowd.

Overall: 4         Price: $$





Coronado Island Marriott Resort

2000 Second St.

Coronado, CA 92118


During the summer months they have a buffet that is fantastic.  They have many things but the best is the BBQ lobster.  They also have live jazz music while you eat overlooking the San Diego bay, with a great view of downtown.  Great place to go in the summer for an afternoon treat.  The special is served Friday and Saturday night.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$




Milton's Deli

2660 Via De La Valle

San Diego, CA 92138


This has to be the best deli in San Diego.  Famous for their bread, Milton's has a deli in the heart of Del Mar near the race track.  Everything I've had here is great.  I recommend the hot pastrami as well as the pastrami and roast beef.  A bit pricey but well worth it.

Overall: 5         Price: $$


Mister Tiki Mai Tai Lounge

801 Fifth Ave.

San Diego, CA 92101

It has an interesting atmosphere that looks like a good place to have a pricey drink. The waitress was very nice and helpful. We went on a Wednesday and the place was empty. We started off with a Mai Tai, it was OK, I still have not had a Mai Tai as good as I did on Maui. The table we sat at had a lava lamp on it and there was a sense of a good time awaiting. They had a special that had a 3 coarse meal for $20.07 so we gave that a try. I chose Coconut red curry mussels for pu pus, excellent, the other pu pus ordered chili rubbed pork pot stickers, I didn't try it, but from the expressions I would say it was somewhere between bad and horrible. I had the Korean Style Smoked Ribs for the main dish, it was not Phil's the meat was tough and the BBQ sauce was bad. The onion rings were good, and they had to have been excellent because I hate onion rings. The other main was coconut grilled shrimp I didn't try it but I was told that it was just OK. Then dessert, a choice of several different flavor mousse or custards served in a shot glass, I tried the strawberry cheese cake it left much to be desired. Over all this place OK for a happy hour. I would highly recommend the mussels however I wouldn't try anything else.

Overall: 1         Price: $$



333 West Harbor Dr.

San Diego, CA 92101


One of the last great restaurants.  Fantastic atmosphere, that is still maintained, and shown in every detail.  Down to serving only bottled water.  Unfortunately we only had desert here it's will definitely be a place to return.  The bananas foster was fantastic, as well as a glass of 150 year old Grand Marnier just to wash it all down.  In San Diego and want fine dinning a must go.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$



Nick and Stef's -Steakhouse-

330 South Hope St.

Los Angeles, CA 90071


Located in the heart of downtown, is a great steakhouse.  I had the prime rib and it was the best I have ever had presented in the most creamiest mashed potatoes I've ever had. I highly recommend this place.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$$


Nippon Sushi Bar

532 4th Ave.

San Diego, CA 92101


If your looking for good sushi in San Diego this is about as close as you can get.  Sometimes the sushi is really fresh other times it's not so.  This place by far is better than any other sushi place in the general area, located downtown.

Overall: 3         Price: $$



Old Town Mexican Cafe and Cantina

2489 San Diego Ave.

Old Town, San Diego, CA 92110


This is probably the best restaurant in Old Town San Diego.  The food is decent, they have one of my favorite appetizers the cheese crisp.  Even thought they have hand made tortillas they are full of raw flower that's like they dumped a pound of flower on each one just before they give it to you.  Not the best food in the world but definitely the best Mexican food in old town.  Usually a long wait, but if you've ever been to old town what else is there to do!

Overall: 3         Price: $$


Orange Hill

6410 E. Chapman Ave.

Orange, CA 92859


Wow!  This place is incredible!  Great location, great service, and great food.  As usual I had the fillet and lobster and this will have to be the best I ever had.  It was even better than my favorite Clearman's Steak 'n Stein.  High class atmosphere, with an incredible view atop orange hill.  I would highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$


Pacifica Del Mar

1555 Camino Del Mar

Del Mar, CA 92014


I have been here many times and I get the same thing every time, it's fantastic.  I've only been for lunch so I'll have to try dinner some time.  I get the Seared Ahi Tuna Sandwich with the mixed greens.  The Tuna is always fresh, served on a torta roll, wasabi sauce, and seaweed. There is a beautiful view of the ocean and the service has always been great.  I highly recommend it.  Great place for summer lunch!

Overall: 5         Price: Lunch: $$ Dinner: $$$


Park Ave.

11200 Beach Blvd.

Stanton, CA 90680

A bad meal, over priced.  The atmosphere was fine and would most likely be a great place for a drink.  Each course got worse, and there was a ridiculous long time to wait for each course.  We started with garlic cheese toast that was garlic toast that had a Alfredo sauce poured over it, not so good.  Then came a horseradish crusted steak, that was horrible, it was not what you would expect and was a rather bad cut of meat to boot.  As well an apple stuffed pork chop that was overly dry.  Everything on the menu sounds great but turns out to be a great disappointment.  I may go back if the city burned down and this was the only place for water.

Overall: 0         Price: $$$


P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

340 South Pine Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90801


A good meal, over priced.  The quality of food is good, the serving is small and the price is high.  A very white washed Chinese food that actually is not ruined by bad tasting food just high prices.

Overall: 3         Price: $$


Prego Ristorante

1370 Frazee Rd.

San Diego, CA 92108


This restaurant looks as if it was once a great Italian restaurant.  I had veal medallions, usually can't go wrong with that.  Unfortunately it was cold, not very tender, and there was so little for the price.  I wouldn't go there again.

Overall: 1         Price: $$


Prime 10 Steakhouse

3702 Via de la Valle

Del Mar, CA 92014


A nice atmosphere located across from the polo grounds in del mar.  I have been wanting to go here for some time.  A opportunity arose called San Diego Restaurant week, where several restaurants in San Diego County and a three course meal for $30 per person, so I couldn't pass up a deal like that.  There was three choices for appetizers, main course, and desert.  We tried the Goat cheese salad and Pumpkin bisk, the goat cheese was good but there was no dressing for the salad that made it a dull, the bisk tasted just like lobster bisk except it had an after taste of pumpkin, not exactly what I was expecting.  For the main course we had Spare ribs and Duck, (once again only three things to choose from there was no cut of beef!) Now both the duck and the spare ribs texture and flavor were wonderful, there must be a mathematical formula that price is inversely proportional to the temperature of your meal.  It was room temperature at best, and a very small portion, that was elegantly presented.  For desert cream brulee and a lime gelato, the cream brulee was OK, but the gelato was fantastic.  Fortunately for the special it was OK, but it I had paid full price it would have been horrible!  This place will have to go in the non-return visit list.

Overall: 2         Price: $$$$



Ruth’s Chris

2961-A Michelson Dr.

Irvine, CA 92612


A very good meal, I had the fillet and lobster.  The butter sauce that the fillet was in made it all the better.  It was one of the best lobsters I’ve had in a long time.  The service was not all that great; I felt the waitress had a bad attitude.  The atmosphere is very classy and that’s what you’re paying for.  Overall it's good, but it is defiantly over hipped.

Overall: 4         Price: $$$$



Trattoria Acqua

1298 Prospect Street

La Jolla, CA 92037

(858) 454-0709

We went for lunch.  We had a table in the back room with a nice view of the cove.  I had the Rotolo di Spinachi, it was amazing.  Turns out the owner sat us and even took part of out order.  Nice atmosphere, nice view, great company, what more do you need.   I highly recommend this place, I'll have to go back for dinner some time.

Overall: 5         Price: $$


Terra Restaurant

3900 Vermont

San Diego, CA 92103

(619) 293-7088

A nice restaurant in Hillcrest.  They have many different items on the menu but they are famous for their Lobster Mac and Cheese.  This Mac and Cheese is outstanding and a must have.  The spare ribs are excellent as well.  To top it off they have a chocolate cigar for dessert that is unique.  I highly recommend it.

Overall: 5         Price: $$$


Tokyo Delves

5239 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood, CA


A decent meal, the sushi was of the best quality, but just not prepared correctly.  This is not the place to have the best sushi this is all about a good time drinking and the atmosphere.  A great crowd and a great show, but not if you just love sushi, go for the fun.

Overall: 3         Price: $$$$

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