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One day Bob was on his was to school. As usual, he rides The Bus, THE PUBLIC BUS. Now as usual the bus driver is familiar. So Bob gets on and finds a seat. The bus driver takes off and drives down the street. Now it just so happened that they were tearing up the street for about a month. As usual, the bus driver stops at the stops where people are waiting to be picked up. Well after a few stops, the traffic was diverted to one lane coming and going. At one light, it was taking forever to get across the light. Therefore, the bus driver flips out. He drives over the cones and runs through the right turn only lane. On the other side of the street is a stop. Now there had to be about seven or eight people standing there. The driver just flies right on bye them. And keep going. Now Bob’s thinking to himself what the hell just happened? A few minutes later the dispatcher calls up the driver. He doesn’t respond. The dispatcher calls again. Still the driver ignores the call. 
The dispatcher calls again and said “PICK IT UP NOW!” 
Now he responds very slowly “Helllooo” 
“We got a call that you missed some people at a stop.” 
“Really? I didn’t see anyone.” 
Now Bob is thinking to himself, were going to die the bus driver went over the edge and is going to kill everyone. The bus driver all of a sudden took a left turn and cut off on coming traffic. Some lady from the back of the bus got up and asked the driver where we were going? He said that he missed some people and he has to go back for them. She gets mad and asks for his name. After a few minutes of them arguing the driver doesn’t tell the lady his name. She returns to her set mumbling something like “Those fucking psycho bus drivers”. Now Bob’s thinking, shut up lady, he’s still driving! When we get to the bus stop again. There is only one person there; this irritates the bus driver even more. 
Needless to say, Bob got to school late that day.