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Where is Bob?
Is this him?

Still looking for you, Bob?

Now some of you must be thinking who in the hell is BOB! Well for those of you I can't tell you. Ha, ha just kidding. I'll tell you that he was a special writer for the Mayfair FBLA newsletter (like anyone's ever heard of that). But now no one can find him or even a trace that he existed! We will find you BOB, we will not rest until we find you. 

Now Bob's full name is Bob S. Schrödinger. The picture above is what we believe Bob looks like. We know that he still is around, because others are looking for him as well. Just the other day I heard Bob on the Radio. Also we have reason to believe he was a manager at Dominos Pizza. Because they are looking for Bob as well. 

From Maxim Magazine (Found By Bob's good friend wrastler)...

"Finnegan's Break"

This one we can't verify, but it's too amazing to ignore. According to a number of strange-but-true Web Sites, a man named Bob Finnegan, 22, was takin' a wee stroll through Belfast in 1976 when he was struck by a car. Knocked silly, he barely had time to shake the orange stars, green clovers, yellow moons, and purple horseshoes from his eyes when a second car hit him. By now a crowd gathered to point and laugh at Bob, but the joke was on them as a third driver swerved into the pack, mowing down four people-most notably Bob Finnegan. When a fourth vehicle came almong, the crowd smartened up and hauled ass, leaving nobody in the cars path except the ever less ambulatory Bob. He suffered a fractured skuill, broken pelivs, shattered leg, and other assored injuries. He was undoubtedly cheered by the fact that the while thing was very, very, unlikey to happen again."

October Issue of Maxim Magazine-- in the World Of Hurt Article, pg. 164

Could he have changed his name to protect his identity or could this just be a fluke; we may never know!