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A Williams 1985 Pinball.

A few things I want to do to my Sorcerer:

1. Fix playfield.

2. Refinish, repaint cabinet.

Well I got a good deal on this Sorcerer, I couldn't pass it up! The cabinet is in good shape. The playfield is in not so good shape. The back glass is in mint condition. Everything works, so it just needs to be shopped, needs new rubber and a few plastics are cracked. So I use to have one of these, but traded it for a laser printer in the early 90's when laser printers were very expensive.

Things I've done to my Sorcerer.

1. Shopped the game. -6/24/03

2. Made new target stickers and instruction cards and put them on. Looks like new again! -6/25/03

Left side of cabinet.

Artwork in OK condition.

Front of cabinet.

Shows were artwork is worn and that the coin door needs to be painted.

Right side of cabinet.

Artwork faded.

Left side of head.

Artwork in OK condition.

Back Glass.

In mint condition.

Right side of head.

Artwork in OK condition.

Low front view.

Inside head.

Showing motherboard and control boards.

Front view.


Showing old targets.


Showing new targets.


Power on.

Under playfield

Power off.


Over all picture of the game.

Under playfield.

Power on.

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