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A Nintendo 1983 Video Game.

A few things I want to do to my Mario Bros:

1. Refinish, repaint cabinet, replace with new side art.

I've had my Mario Bros. for a long time.  My dad got it for me as a birthday present back in the late '80's.  Back when presents were cool, hell back when I got presents.  It's been at my house since the early '90's; since my dad use to have a few video stores, it was keep there until they closed.  It has been in my possession since then and has been taken extremely good care of.;  the only two problems are cosmetic and have been there since I got it.

A Nintendo 1983 Video Game.

Things I've done to my Mario Bros.

1. It was a while since I cleaned it last, so I did a full cleaning. -3/24/03

2. Installed new power cord with ground pin. Now it's actually grounded -4/1/03

3. Install New CPO (Control Panel Overlay) -3/15/09

Here are some pictures before any work has been done. 3/24/03.

Left side of cabinet.

Shows damage to side art.

Front of cabinet.

Shows CP damaged.

Right side of cabinet.

Shows damage to side art.

Inside back.

Shows monitor, power supply, and cables.

Back of cabinet.

Scratches need to be fixed and needs to be painted.


Coin door.

Control Panel.

Power supply and game boards.

New Control Panel Overlay Project. Created new artwork 3/15/09


Buttons removed

CPO purchassed on the internet to small

Made my own artwork, new CPO

Trimmed CPO

Cut out holes

Buttons installed, complete

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