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A Data East 1987 Pinball.

A few things I want to do to my Laser War:

1. Repair and refinish coin door.

2. Repaint and make new decals for spinners.

3. Repaint and make new decal for apron.

4. Repair back box wiring.

5. Refinish and repaint cabinet

Laser War was the second pinball that was placed in my dad's video store.  It's cool because it's the first pinball the have digital stereo sound and had 3 ball multi-ball, yet still Cyclone is my favorite.  Laser war is hard to find since it was not on of the most popular pinball's made, so when I was able to get one I jumped on the chance.

Things I've done to my Laser War:

1. So far I did a full cleaning.  The machine needed a vacuuming and compressed air inside as well as dusting and cleaning outside. -1/10/04

2. Installed new power cord with ground pin. Now it's actually grounded -1/10/04

3. Replaced all 3 bumpers plastics, lights, and coils.

4. Fixed bumper problem. -4/08

5. Fixed playfield switch problem. -5/24/08

6. Replaced Ion cannon ramp. -5/24/08

7. Installed new playfield plastics. -5/24/08

8. Installed new spinners. -5/24/08

9. Repair speaker assembly. -6/18/08

Initial shop 1/10/04

Starting to shop.

Playfield stripped.

What it looks like (6/27/07)


Repair of playfield and full shop, including new ion cannon ramp.

Playfield before.

Ion cannon ramps

Ion cannon

Playfield after.

PCB's in head

Speaker Assembly Project





Plastic repainted

New Digital Stereo plastic


New speakers


Launch Apron Project - Created artwork decal created for launch apron.

Launch apron, sandblasted, squared, and painted.

Decal attached

Aprons installed


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