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In the 80's my dad had a video store and we had an arcade setup with about 10 machines. We had a Mario Bros., Centipede, and a pinball Sorcerer as well as other games.

The only one I kept was the Mario Bros.  It was the only one I had up until March 20, 2003, when I bought an Elevator Action.  My favorite video game ever.  The game needed some work and that is half reason I got it.

On June 20, 2003 picked up a Sorcerer pinball .

On July 2, 2003 picked up a Laser War pinball.

On April 2, 2011 picked up a Cyclone pinball.

My current collection:



As any Arcade Game collector you have a want list so here is mine (in order of desire) if anyone in the Southern CA area has any of these games and would be interested in selling them please E-mail me at:

1.Nags (1960 Williams Pinball)

2.Cactus Canyon (1998 Bally Pinball)

3.Big Band Bar (1996 Capcom / 2007 Pinball Manufacturing Inc.)

4. Tapper Budweiser (1983 Bally Midway)

5. Medieval Madness (1997 Williams Pinball)

6.Scared Stiff (1996 Bally Pinball)

7.Sopranos (2005 Stern Pinball)

8. Pirates of the Caribbean (2006 Stern Pinball)

9. Rampage (1986 Bally Midway)

10. Indiana Jones (1993 Williams Pinball)

11.TRON: Legacy Limited Edition (2011 Stern Pinball)

12.AC/DC Back In Black Limited Edition

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