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A Taito 1983 Video Game

A few things I want to do to my Elevator Action:

1. Refinish and repaint cabinet (This is going to be hard since there is extensive artwork) (I am planning on removing all the bolts, sanding the side, put some primer down, spray paint the light green, then make a stencil and spray the dark green) (If anyone knows a better or easier way please let me know.)

2. Install New Bezel (I have a new one; I will install it after cabinet is painted.)

3. Install New CPO (Control Panel Overlay)

Elevator Action is one of my favorite video games ever.  It is in a 3 way tie for number 1 with Tapper and Rampage.  I have wanted this game for a long time, I remember when Denise, a guy that worked for my dad, brought it into the store, I use to play it all day.  I wanted it, but for some reason my dad didn't  get it, and Denise turned it into a Super Dodge Ball.  Anyway I got one now.

Things I've done to my Elevator Action:

1. So far I did a full cleaning.  The machine needed a vacuuming and compressed air inside as well as dusting and cleaning outside. -3/21/03

2. Installed new power cord with ground pin. Now it's actually grounded -3/26/03

3. I rewired the control panel, now there are no hardwired connections. I also found some pins and wired the one direct connection thru the connector.  The only problem is that the connector uses a pin size that is no longer standard, so I may just get a new connector and redo the whole thing. -3/31/03

 4. Replaced coin door lights, I happened to have an old toolbox full of lamps. -4/1/03

5. I recapped the video board. It's interesting to see that cap technology has improved over the years.  Most of the cap were smaller than the old ones from back in '83.  Below is a picture of my home made discharging tool.  I was so disappointed, I was told that there was going to be a large pop when the monitor discharged, but it was barley anything.  The problem now is that the color "blue" is rotated on the screen adjusting the CRT rings have not corrected this problem. (picture below) -4/7/03

6. I filled and painted the back door a flat black. I think I should paint is with a semi-gloss black, it would look better.  It's suck a pain since the cabinet is made out of compressed wood, sanding it damages the surface. As well the parts that were filled, show thru the paint. I know that painting the side art work is going to be a lot of trouble. I may just go back to the idea of making a replica cabinet out of plywood.  Since some of the current cabinet wood seams to have swelled, trying to sand it down to the surface may do more damage than good.  -4/16/03

Here are some pictures after a cleaning and before any work has been done. 3/21/03.

Left side of cabinet.

Many Scratches on surface, chunk out of top. Cabinet needs to be refinished, and repainted.

Front of cabinet.

Bezel need to be replaced.

Right side of cabinet.

Many Scratches on surface. Cabinet needs to be refinished, and repainted.

Inside back.

Shows monitor, power supply, and cables.

Back of cabinet.

Holes need to be filled, scratches need to be fix, and needs to be painted.

Back side with door open.

Control Panel.

Shows wiring configuration. Some wires are hard wired and need to be fixed.

Zoom of the front.

Shows damage to bezel in lower corners and burn in on the monitor.

Coin door.


Back door.

Game boards are attached to the back door.

Power supply.

For restoration of the cabinet I am creating a solid model of the cabinet for reference.  So far I have completed the right side of the cabinet.  A fully dimensioned right side art work of the TAITO cabinet.

Here is a solid model of the right side art work of the TAITO cabinet.

Home made Fly Back Transformer discharging tool. 2 foot long screwdriver with tip grounded, and a channel ground for wire


This is some before and after pictures of the recapping.

Video Board dismounted. (Before)

This shows old caps.

Video Board dismounted. (After)

This shows new caps.

Video Board mounted.

Monitor after recapping.

Shows problem with "blue" left side.

Here is a problem. On the 12th floor there is a comma where the wall should be on the right side. Does anyone know why this is, bad ROM chip? If you know Please let me know. It's like that on every level on the 12th floor.

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