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A Williams 1988 Pinball.

Cyclone is my favorite pinball. I remember going to Camelot in Orange County, my dad would play Centipede, I would play Kick, Tapper, and Cyclone. I found a cyclone in great condition and had to pick it up. "Hey you with the face! Step right up!"

Things I've done to my Cyclone:

1. Recreate duck targets and installed them.

 2. Full Shop on

Pictures after getting it setup.

Cyclone "Hey you with the face! Step right up!"


Cat Targets

Ghost drop target

Duck targets

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel


Shop on April 18, 2011


Playfield removed

Back playfield

Under playfield tunnel

Back of playfield

Playfield parts removed

Top of playfield

Bottom of playfield

High traffic area

Top high traffic area

Playfield waxed

Top playfield waxed

Playfeild waxed



Glass view

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